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DRZ400 Graphics, Decals & Seat Covers

Radiator Cover, Tank & Sidepanel Graphics Kit Top spec from USA as shown on DRZ above made from Ultra Thick Power washer resistant Vinyl with fully embedded Design. Kit comes complete with Carbon Sidepanel Decals. Blackbird Graphic kit Fits both Trail & Enduro DRZ400   49.95

Pro-Spec Seat Cover Again superb quality from USA Shiny Vinyl side panels to match tank graphics and Grippy top panel manufacture from tough hard wearing materials to stay looking good !   00.00

Rear Mudguard Decal Kit Three sticker kit protects mudguard from scuffs/scratches & looks good too    in Graphic kit

Front Mudguard Decal Kit As per the rear kit with stickers for top and sides of mudguard      in Graphic kit

Carbon, Yellow or Clear Thickstuff Single sheets of 3Ms thickest vinyl resist power washers ideal for Protecting fork legs, sidepanels petrol tank or covering standard graphics  Carbon  22.95    Clear/Yellow  14.95

DRZ Exhausts

DRZ400S DEP Prospec Alloy/Stainless Tailpipe

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Dyno developed by DEP to produce 3.5 BHP gain over Standard Pipe without and loss of low RPM grunt. Manufactured from Brushed Oval Alloy Can with Stainless Steel pipe-work and internals.  Loader than standard pipe but still fully road legalIs even lighter than original silencer too       255.00


DRZ400E DEP Prospec Alloy/Stainless Tailpipe

Competition Spec Tailpipe offers approx 3 Decibel noise reduction over noisy standard system without any power loss constructed as per DRZ400S Tailpipe    255.00

DRZ400S.Stainless Steel front pipe00.00

DRZ400 Performance Parts

Full Alloy Engine Guard     95.95

DRZ400Alloy Frame Guards

Manufactured in light wt aluminum alloy. Designed to stop frame paint from boot wear, protect rear brake master cylinder from damage and look good too. Fits both Trail & Enduro DRZs.  N/A

DRZ Front Disc Guard

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Protects front brake disc from damage and stops build up of mud which improves pad life. Available in yellow, white and black. Fits both Trail & Enduro DRZs. 24.95

DRZ Rear Disc Guard

 (Click to see larger image)Protects front brake disc from damage and stops build up of mud, but at the rear this dramatically improves brake pad life. Fits both Trail & Enduro DRZs.  N/A


DRZ Extra wide footrests

We stock two types of footrests, both are wider than stock items offering more comfort and control. the Prospec are the lightest and widest, just!!

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Prospec footrests   N/A 


 (Click to see larger image)Stainless steel pegs are stronger and offer excellent value for money   49.95 (pair)


DRZ Front Mudguard Brace (showing Decal kit)

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Made from Aluminum alloy, this brace gives extra strength, durable anodized finish in Blue/Silver/Gold/Black/Purple or Red 16.95



Talon Lowering Links Made from prospec billet alloy, reduces DRZ ride height 49.95

DRZ400 Chain & Sprocket Replacement Parts
Renthal Front Sprockets 13/14/15 tooth  9.95  Renthal Alloy Rear Sprockets 40 to 50 T 28.95

Talon Groovelite Self-Cleaning Front Sprocket Hard Wearing & Cadmium Plated in 13/14/15 tooth  10.95

Talon Radialite Super Light Self-cleaning Rear Sprocket  Gold Anodized looks the business in 44/47 T 29.95

Economy Front Sprockets 13/14/15 Good Value  8.95     Steel Rear Sprocket 40 to 50 Tooth  24.95

RK 520 O Ring Chain Top Quality, Hard Wearing, Original Spec O chain available with split or rivet link  49.95

Colored 520 X Ring Chain Longest Lasting chain we sell, Low Friction, Side plates Red, Blue or Green 79.95

Chain Extension Kit Lengthens chain when fitting 47 + R/sprockets  8.95  RK Spare Split/RivetLinks  3.95

Rear Sprocket Bolt Set Complete set of replacement Allen Headed Screws/Nuts/Washers   8.95

Replacement Chain Roller Made from Tough Nylon with two ball bearings for smoother action     8.95

DRZ400 Brake Pads, Discs & Wheel Bearing Replacement Parts

Front & Rear Brake Pads EBC Standard Kevlar compound pads which are kind to discs All models  16.95

Front & Rear Sintered Brake Pads EBC Sintered compound pads Last longer in Muddy conditions   18.95

Front & Rear Brake Discs Top Quality manufactured to original spec. All models DRZ,s    54.95 

Talon Solid Rear Disc Un-drilled Braking Surface more than Trebles Brake Pad Life !  N/A

Wheel Bearings All models Fronts 6.95     Rears 7.95    Wheel Bearing Seals Front & rear from  6.11

Hexagon Headed Brake Pad Retaining Pins  Eases & speeds up pad changes and looks trick too (each)   8.95

Braided Stainless Steel Front Brake Hose Vastly improves brake feel and stopping power    38.95

Talon DRZ Wheels Beautiful Gold Hub & Rim, 36 spoke, 3 Bearing Rear Hub  Phone for prices

Talon DRZ Super Moto 17 Wheels As above Front rim 3.50Rear 4.25 wide  Phone for prices

DRZ400 Suspension Parts

Genuine Front Fork Seals (each)  16.28    Front Fork Dust Seals Fits above fork seal (each)  8.50

Economy Front Fork Seals Good quality replacements Fork seals Last well if used under Gaiters (pair) 14.95

Front Fork Gaitors Replace standard gaitors, available in Yellow, Blue or Black       16.95

Putoline HPX Synthetic Front Fork Oil Recommended for all DRZ forks in 2.5,5,7.5 & 10 wt, per litre  9.95

DRZ400 Handlebars, Brake & Clutch Levers, Grips & Pads

Genuine Suzuki Front Brake Lever      19.45      Pattern Front Brake Lever       6.95

Genuine Suzuki Clutch Lever             12.06      Pattern Clutch Lever             6.95

Clutch Lever Holder/Clamp Pattern replacement assembly (no fitting for clutch switch) Ideal spare 8.95

Renthal Alloy Enduro Pro HandleBars Similar rise to standard DRZ bars, In silver/gold/red/blue with bar pad    39.95

Renthal Alloy Dakar HandleBars  Higher rise bars in two sizes (Med & High), In silver or gold  with bar pad  39.95

Renthal Handlebar Pads Now made from shiny easy clean material in Yellow/Blue/Purple/Red/Black   7.90

Progrip Off-road Grips  All colours 8.95       Progrip Gel Grips Black with Coloured Gel insert     10.95

Scott Off-road Gel Grips Similar to Progrip but with deeper waffling for better control           10.95

Renthal Soft Grips Soft construction to stop Blistering in Grey only, must be glued to Bars (Glue 4.95) 9.95

Polisport Bark Busters Wrap-round style, Manufactured in Tough moulded plastic, All colours      27.95

Rally Type Bark Busters With integral Aluminium alloy bar, Toughest type of protection available !!    38.95

 (Click to see larger image)Acerbis Bark Busters The original wrap round style bark busters, All colours available       59.95

Acerbis Add-on Spoilers Mount on bark busters to improve protection, will fit other type Bark Busters 18.95

Lightweight Exhaust Mount Mounts Exhaust pipe to frame so Pillion footrests and Brackets can be Junked 17.95

Replacement DRZ Keys Each         6.95      

DRZ400 Replacement Lights & Plastics

Front Mudguards Direct copy of original available in Yellow, Blue, White or Black         18.95

Radiator Panels Top Quality identical copies of original item in tougher grade Plastic      34.50

Rear Mudguard Top Quality identical copies of original item in tougher grade Plastic       22.95

 (Click to see larger image)Rear Light & No.Plate Add-on Mounts under rear mudguard Replaces Bulky Std item in Black or White    29.95

UFO Replacement Headlight & Cowl Plastic lens, Replaces Bulky Std item in Yellow, Blue or White from  42.95

Rally Rear Light Mounts top rear mudguard  15.95

Touch-up Frame Paint Matches original Gun-metal Grey , Large Spray can     N/A

DRZ400 Engine Spares & Cables

Genuine Suzuki Engine Oil Filters Replace regularly with oil change to keep your Engine Young and Healthy 6.95

Replacement Air Filter Better Air Flow than original   9.68       NGK Standard Spark Plug    4.95

Genuine Throttle Cable Kit Contains Opening and Closing Cables     56.22

Genuine Clutch Cable         35.19        Genuine Speedo Cable        26.17

DRZ400E Road Legalizing Parts

Front & Rear Brake Light Switches Hydraulic Switch replaces master cylinder banjo union (each)   18.95

Speedometer Assembly Small, Light Wt speedo unit replaces standard Odometer using standard cable    24.95

Horn Assembly Fully legal 12 volt horn    10.95     Light/Horn/Hi,Low Switch Handlebar mounted     12.95

UFO Replacement Headlight & Cowl Plastic lens, Replaces Bulky Std item in Yellow, Blue  from 42.95