Oset 2019 Electric Junior Dirt Bikes   

Oset 16.0 Racing (36v 800w 26Kg) 1,739

Oset  20.0 Lite (36v 900w 28Kg) 1,939 

All Four model now in stock and ready to GO!

There are three sizes available: a 12.5 with 12.5" wheels for 2-5 Year olds, and a 16.0 with 16" 
wheels for 5-10 year olds and the 20.0 with 20" wheels for 8+ year old riders.
  The 16.0 and 20.0 are now available in 3 versions: 16.0 36v for bigger/older 
beginning riders, and 20.0 stunning 48v bike for more capable riders.
Very low weight, Low center of gravity, Low seat height 
Smooth, linear power, lots of instant torque with incredible acceleration and hill climbing. 
 'Parental control' speed dial to adjust max speed from 0 mph to 14 mph. 
Designed and engineered in the USA. And Mother friendly!
Throw in the car (even upside down!). Great brakes. Great suspension. Non-intimidating. 
Very affordable. Very 'tune-able'. Back yard riding!

SILENCE! POWER! Full cover chain guard. Long battery life. Easy charging. 


Oset 12.5 ECO (24v 500w 21Kg)   969.00

Oset 12.5 Racing 1,129.00

Oset 16.0 Eco (36v 750w 27Kg)   1,479

Oset 20.0 Eco (48v 1200w 35Kg) 2,089 

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Oset 20.0 Racing (48v 1200w 36Kg) 2,349

Oset 24.0 Racing 3,369.00

Normal Twistgrip Throttle

Front Disc Brake on 16.0 Model

Fully Enclosed Chain & Sprockets



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