HONDA CRM 250 Parts,  

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Engine Performance Parts CRM250 Mk1,2,3 AR

 (Click to see larger image)Alloy Oval Tail Pipe Improves power & torque, no re-jetting, light Wt & BS stamped, Alloy & Chrome £69.95

Performance Exhaust Front Pipe Developed on Dyno Exclusively for CRM250, Increases spread of power & torque, light Wt & compatible with our tail pipe

 Chrome £184.95 AR Chrome £194.95

Aktive/Boyesen Two Stage Reeds Improves low to mid range power and reduces overrun £39.95

 (Click to see larger image)

Aluminum Alloy Engine Bash Plate Protects underside of engine, water pump, generator, & Super Tuff !! £74.95 (Gearbox Oil can be changed with Bash Plate fitted)

New In Balance Shaft Repair Kits (includes balance shaft, both bearings, & seal) £129.95 Ring for details.




Chassis Performance Parts CRM250 Mk1,2,3 AR

Extra Wide Footrests (pair) Mk1 & 2     £49.95         Mk3 & AR (41mm wide)     £54.95

 (Click to see larger image)

Seat Covers with CRM logo In Red, Red with Black sides, Purple, Blue & Blue with Black sides   £38.95


Rear Rack/Carrier Assembly Tubular steel construction Includes fitting kit   No Longer Available


 (Click to see larger image)Rear Light & No.Plate Add-on, mounts under existing rear mudguard, Black only   £29.95

Front Disc Guard Mk1 Red or white £16.95       Mk2,3 & AR White, Flo Red or Black   £29.95

Talon Solid Rear Disc Made exclusively for Leisure Trail, undrilled barking surface extends pad life.   N/A

Rear Disc Protector Fits Below swing arm to protect disc from damage, Doubles brake pad life   £18.34

Rear Disc Protector Mounts behind caliper to keeps mud out, Helps increase pad life   £17.46

Braided, Stainless Steel, Front Brake Hose Vastly improves brake feel and stopping power   £38.95

Talon CRM Wheels Beautiful Gold Hub & Rim, 36 spoke, 3 Bearing Rear Hub - contact us for price and spec

Talon CRM Super Moto 17" Wheels As above Front rim 3.00,Rear 3.50 wide - contact us for price and spec

Super Moto Front Brake Disc 320mm includes carrier bracket to space out caliper Please Call

CRM250 Engine Spares Mk1,2,3 & AR (Small selection of our Huge stocks)

Piston Kits Genuine Honda Piston, rings, pin & circlips   £138.95        Top End Gasket Set Inc ex gasket   £29.95

Oversize Piston Kits Gen Honda 1st oversize   £138.95          Non-genuine piston kits  0.50/0.75/1.00/1.50/2.00 oversize £99.95

Mk1/2/3 cylinder rebore including remove/machining power valve and refit   £59.95

Crankshaft Main Bearings Quality Bearing each Mk 1/2/3  £15.95       AR please phone

Crankshaft rebuild New con rod & big end assembly complete with thrust washers £164.95

Crankshaft Seal Kits Both seals   £28.95     Crankcase Centre Gasket   £11.25

Clutch Cover Gasket   £12.10

Clutch Friction Plate Set   £39.87         Heavy Duty Clutch Springs   £12.55

NGK Standard Spark Plug £2.95

NGK Platinum Plugs Aids starting EG £4.95     EV £10.95

Air Filters Genuine Honda Ready Oiled £22.02   Air Filter Quality after market £9.95

Engine Breakdown/Service Manual Mk1/2/3  £9.95        AR supplement   £4.95

CRM250 Front Fork Spares Mk1,2,3, & AR

Fork Seals Mk1 Genuine Honda with dirt seal   £39.95 pair 

Fork Seals Mk2,3,AR Genuine Honda with dirt seal   £39.95 pair

Front Fork Bush Kit Mk1,2,3,AR 4 bushes    £52.95     Mk1 Fork Gaiters Red/Purple/black   £15.95pr

USD Fork Decals Wrap around upper fork, protects from damage, looks good in Red or Purple   N/A

USD Bottom Fork Guards Mk 2,3,AR Available in Fluorescent-Red, White or Black Per pair £25.95

USD Fork Air Caps MK2/3 Allows pump up pressure to be released, Increases seal life   £23.95 ea

Putoline HPX Synthetic Front Fork Oil Recommended for all CRM forks in 2.5,5,7.5 & 10 wt, per litre   £10.00

CRM250 Cables Mk1,2,3 & AR

Clutch Cables Mk1/2/3   £18.95     AR  £18.95         Throttle Cable Assembly Mk1/2/3 £19.95

AR Throttle Open/Closing Cables each   £25.61/£18.56         Power Valve Cables Mk1/2 Each  £12.50    Mk 3/AR  £12.48

Speedometer Drive Cable All models £16.28        Universal Cable Oiler £5.50

CRM250 Chain, Sprockets, Guides Ect Mk1,2,3 & AR

Renthal Front Sprocket 13 or 14 tooth   £11.95         Renthal Alloy Rear Sprocket 40 to 50 T   £28.95

Steel Rear Sprocket 40 to 50 Tooth £28.50

Talon self-cleaning front sprocket, Hard Wearing & Cadmium Plated in 13/14/15 tooth  £11.95

Talon self-cleaning Alloy rear sprocket, Gold Anodized looks the business in 47 T   £29.95

Rear Sprocket Bolt Kit   £8.95   Talon bolt set   £9.95

 (Click to see larger image)Rear Chain Guide Block Dropper Needed to fit 46T plus sprockets   £27.26


    RK 520 ‘O’ Ring Chain Top Quality chain   £49.95

    RK Coloured ‘X’ Ring Chain Red, Blue or Green  N/A

    Rear Chain Guide Complete Assembly  £29.95     Rear Chain Guide Block Rubber  £13.28

Spare Split/Rivet Links £3.95

Anti-Rattle Swing Arm Chain Slider/Protector Retro fits older CRM’s stops chain slap/rattle   £56.05

Std Mk1,2 & 3 Swinging Arm Chain Slider/Protector Fits around front swing arm   £64.95

Front Chain Roller Hard wearing   £7.95     Standard Rear Chain Guard  £33.35

CRM250 Brake Pads, Discs & Wheel Bearings

Front & Rear Brake Pads All models £16.95     Front & Rear Sintered Brake Pads All models   £18.95

Front & Rear Brake Discs All Mks  £54.95     Talon Solid Rear Disc  N/A     

Wheel Bearings All models Fronts  £5.95      Rears  £6.95     Wheel Bearing Seals Front & rear  £6.85

Stainless Steel Front/Rear Wheel Spacers Just the job to replace worn, grooved spacers  £9.95ea

CRM250 Handlebars, Brake, Clutch & Gear Levers

Levers Genuine Honda Front Brake  £13.80     Clutch  £13.25     Pattern F/brake, Clutch Levers  £5.95

 (Click to see larger image)Rally Shorty Trick Front Brake & Clutch Levers  Both levers  Plain  £44.95     Drilled Grip Holes  £48.95

Renthal Alloy Handlebars Various bends & heights inc Pad  All colors    £39.95 

Renthal Handlebar Pads All colors   £7.90 

Progrip Off-road Grips All colors   £8.95         Progrip Gel Grips Black/Yellow   £8.95

 (Click to see larger image)

  Folding Back Brake Levers  N/A    Folding Gear Levers   N/A


CRM250 Chassis Parts Mk1,2,3 & AR

Steering Head Bearings Taper roller Bearings Pair   £37.70         Swingarm Bearing & Sleeve Kit   £77.95

Suspension Linkage Bearings/Sleeves From £5.95 Special Suspension Bearing Waterproof Grease £7.75

Genuine CRM pillion footrests, often missing from Jap import CRM’s, Fold up out the way, Price is each  Please Ring

Locking petrol caps Non genuine replacement  £19.95            Replacement Keys  £6.95  

Thickstuff vinyl sheets, stops scratching, resists power washers ideal for Protecting fork legs, sidepanels petrol tank 

 or covering standard graphics  prices per 13” x 30” sheet         Clear  £13.95        Carbon  £22.95        Yellow  £15.95

CRM Frame Paint Matches original Red or White   £12.95

CRM250 Replacement Plastics,Lights & Decals Ect

Front Mudguard All colours £18.95  Rear Mudguard Mk1,2 £18.95   Radiator Guards Mk 1,2 £48.20 Pr

Headlight & Cowl 45/45w Bulb, Similar to AR in styling  from £42.95  Standard Headlight Cowl With decal N/A

UFO Twin Light Headlight & Cowl Similar to Acerbis DHH Headlight, Twin 35W Headlights  N/A

Rear Light Lens All Mk’s  £16.68   Indicator Lens All Mk’s £5.20  Headlight Bulb £1.95 Halogen Bulb £8.60

Polisport Bark Busters All colours £27.95

 (Click to see larger image)Acerbis Bark Busters All colours £49.95 


Spoilers £15.97 (Click to see larger image)


Standard Honda Radiator panel, tank & side panel graphics in stock all models all colours 

please phone for prices

Speedo MPH Conversion Stickers £4.50


Mugen CRM250 Replacement Plastics (All in Atomic Flo Red)

Headlight Cowl Mk3 & AR   N/A     Front Mudguard All Models   N/A

USD Bottom Fork Guards Mk 2,3 & AR  N/a