HONDA CRM 250 Parts and Accessories.

We hold a large stock of both genuine Honda and pattern parts, some exclusive to Leisure Trail as we commission the manufacture of non available crucial items to keep your CRM on the road!

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Engine Performance Parts CRM250 Mk1,2,3 AR

 (Click to see larger image)Alloy Oval Tail Pipe Improves power & torque, no re-jetting, light Wt & BS stamped, Alloy & Chrome 74.95

Performance Exhaust Front Pipe Developed on Dyno Exclusively for CRM250, Increases spread of power & torque, light Wt & compatible with our tail pipe

 Nickel 184.95 AR Nickel 194.95

Aktive/Boyesen Two Stage Reeds Improves low to mid range power and reduces overrun 39.95

 (Click to see larger image)

Aluminium Alloy Engine Bash Plate Protects underside of engine,waterpump, generator, & Super Tuff !! 74.95 (Gearbox Oil can be changed with Bash Plate fitted)





Chassis Performance Parts CRM250 Mk1,2,3 AR

Extra Wide Footrests (pair) Mk1 & 2     49.95         Mk3 & AR (41mm wide)     54.95

 (Click to see larger image)

Seat Covers with CRM logo In Red, Red with Black sides, Purple, Blue & Blue with Black sides   69.95


Rear Rack/Carrier Assembly    No Longer Available


 (Click to see larger image)Rear Light & No.Plate Add-on, mounts under existing rear mudguard, Black only   36.95

Front Disc Guard      Mk2,3 & AR White, Flo Red or Black   29.95


Braided, Stainless Steel, Front Brake Hose Vastly improves brake feel and stopping power   38.95


CRM250 Engine Spares Mk1,2,3 & AR (Small selection of our Huge stocks) 

CRM   Top End Gasket Set Inc ex gasket   Mk 1, 2, & 3  41.95   AR  49.95

CRM   Non-genuine piston kits  0.50/1.00/1.50/2.00 oversize 99.95

Mk1/2/3 cylinder rebore including remove/machining power valve and refit   69.95

Crankshaft Main Bearings Quality Bearing each Mk 1/2/3  19.95       AR 30.95   each

Crankshaft rebuild New con rod & big end assembly complete with thrust washers 169.95

Crankshaft Seal Kits Both seals   41.56   Crankcase Centre Gasket   15.43

Clutch Cover Gasket   17.88

Clutch Friction Plate Set   41.00         Heavy Duty Clutch Springs   12.55

NGK Standard Spark Plug 3.95

NGK Platinum Plugs Aids starting EG 6.00     EV 14.00

 Air Filter Quality after market 9.95

Engine Breakdown/Service Manual Mk1/2/3  9.95        AR supplement   4.95

CRM250 Front Fork Spares Mk1,2,3, & AR

Fork Seals Mk1 Genuine Honda f ork seal with dirt seal   31.11 each kit

Fork Seals Mk2,3,AR Genuine Honda fork seal with dirt seal   44.76 each kit

Front Fork Bush Kit Mk1,2,3,AR 4 bushes    60.53     Mk1 Fork Gaiters Red/Purple/black   15.95pr

USD Bottom Fork Guards Mk 2,3,AR Available in  White or Black Per pair 25.95


Putoline HPX Synthetic Front Fork Oil Recommended for all CRM forks in 2.5,5,7.5 & 10 wt, per litre   11.00

CRM250 Cables Mk1,2,3 & AR

Clutch Cables Mk1/2/3   24.95     AR  24.95         Throttle Cable Assembly Mk1/2/3 47.95

AR Throttle Open/Closing Cables each   49.95/19.95        Power Valve Cables Mk1/2 Each  16.60    Mk 3/AR  16.60

Speedometer Drive Cable All models 16.28        Universal Cable Oiler 5.50

CRM250 Chain, Sprockets, Guides Ect Mk1,2,3 & AR

Renthal Front Sprocket 13 or 14 tooth   13.95         Renthal Alloy Rear Sprocket 40 to 50 T   39.95

Steel Rear Sprocket 40 to 50 Tooth 29.95

Talon self-cleaning front sprocket, Hard Wearing & Cadmium Plated in 13/14/15 tooth  13.95

Talon self-cleaning Alloy rear sprocket, Gold Anodized looks the business in 47 T   39.95

Rear Sprocket Bolt Kit   8.95   Talon bolt set   9.95

 (Click to see larger image)Rear Chain Guide Block Dropper Needed to fit 46T plus sprockets   27.26


    RK 520 ‘O’ Ring Chain Top Quality chain   59.95


    Rear Chain Guide Complete Assembly  54.59     Rear Chain Guide Block Rubber  25.08

Spare Split/Rivet Links 6.50

Anti-Rattle Swing Arm Chain Slider/Protector Retro fits older CRM’s stops chain slap/rattle   99.38

Front Chain Roller Hard wearing   7.95     Standard Rear Chain Guard  60.43

CRM250 Brake Pads, Discs & Wheel Bearings

Front & Rear Brake Pads All models 16.95     Front & Rear Sintered Brake Pads All models   18.95

Front & Rear Brake Discs All Mks  64.95          

Wheel Bearings All models Fronts  7.95      Rears  9.95     Wheel Bearing Seals Front & rear  6.85

Stainless Steel Front/Rear Wheel Spacers Just the job to replace worn, grooved spacers  9.95ea

CRM250 Handlebars, Brake, Clutch & Gear Levers

Levers Genuine Honda Front Brake  19.50     Clutch  19.50     Pattern F/brake, Clutch Levers  7.95

 (Click to see larger image)

Renthal Alloy Handlebars Various bends & heights inc Pad  All colours    52.95 

Renthal Handlebar Pads All colours   7.90 

Progrip Off-road Grips All colours   11.95        

 (Click to see larger image)

    Folding Gear Levers   N/A


CRM250 Chassis Parts Mk1,2,3 & AR

Steering Head Bearings Taper roller Bearings Pair   37.70         Swingarm Bearing & Sleeve Kit   57.95

Suspension Linkage Bearings/Sleeves From 7.95          Special Suspension Bearing Waterproof Grease 10.50

Locking petrol caps Non genuine replacement  19.95            Replacement Keys  9.95

CRM250 Replacement Plastics,Lights & Decals Ect

Front Mudguard All colours 24.95  Rear Mudguard Mk1,2 31.95   Radiator Guards Mk 1,2 54.95 Pr

Headlight & Cowl 45/45w Bulb, Similar to AR in styling  from 49.95 

Rear Light Lens All Mk’s  16.68   Indicator Lens All Mk’s 6.20  Headlight Bulb 2.95 Halogen Bulb 9.95

Polisport Bark Busters All colours 31.50

 (Click to see larger image) 



Standard Honda Radiator panel, tank & side panel graphics in stock all models all colours 

please phone for prices

Speedo MPH Conversion Stickers 5.00